nanoloop sync options

Nanoloop offers multiple ways to synchronize timing with other Game Boys, analog equipment, MIDI devices and computers.

Analog Sync Connector

- Adds a small jack connector to a link cable
- Works with big (DMG) and small (GBP, CGB) plugs
- Acts as master or slave
- Syncs with analog clock to / from external devices

- Not for MIDI clock or other data
- Not for audio level input (as provided by various sync apps)

Available in the nanoloop online shop.

Devices with 1/8 sync scheme (Volcas) or audio level output (Pocket Operators) can sync with nanoloop as master only.

Devices with 1/24 or 1/16 clock (monotribe) can sync as slave or master.


To sync two nanoloops, connect the Game Boys via link cable. All link cable models work, except for the GBA multiplayer cable.

USB-MIDI adaptor

The USB-MIDI adaptor can be used to sync nanoloop as slave to programs on a PC (DAWs, such as Ableton Live for example).


Nanoloop 2.7.6+ can send MIDI clock signals through the GBA's link port directly to a MIDI cable that goes into the MIDI-IN of a MIDI device. There is currently no adaptor, but building your own cable is as simple as connecting the wires of a link cable with those of a MIDI cable like this:

(looking at the cables like on the photo below)

(connect IN to IN and OUT to OUT)

The current supplied by the GBA's link port does not quite match the MIDI specification (3.5 mA instead of 5 mA). So far, it worked with all devices tested but there may be devices that require full 5 mA.

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