nanoloop: about

Nanoloop is a minimalistic electronic music program for handheld platforms.


Nanoloop 1 is a sequencer for Game Boy. Sound is generated by the Game Boy's sound chip and restricted to raw rectangular waves, noise and a 4-bit wave form.

Nanoloop 2 for Game Boy Advance is a sequencer and software synthesizer. Filtered waves, filtered noise and simple FM are produced in software and played through the 8-bit audio output.

The iOS / Android version combines an enhanced version of nanoloop 2's synthesizer with a simple sampler that supports recording via microphone, re-sampling and loading samples from other sources.

Nanoloop for iOS / Android does not simulate vintage hardware, nor was it designed to "sound like a Game Boy".
Allthough the general minimalism and the lack of effects and presets may often lead to raw, somewhat "chippy" results in the beginning, you can tweak nanoloop in entirely different directions, too, if desired.


The original nanoloop was a study project at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg.

The first public performace took place at the Liquid Sky club, Cologne (which no longer exists) in early 1998.

Nanoloop cartridges have been commercially available within Germany since late 1999, worldwide sales started in 2000.

In 2002, the first nanoloop-only album, nanoloop 1.0 was released on Disco Bruit, followed by a few other CD- and countless online releases.

(c) 1998-2011 Oliver Wittchow

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